frozen shoulder syndrome

Treating a frozen shoulder with Bowen Therapy

Ailment: Frozen Shoulder
Treatment: Bowen Therapy
Client: Dennis

Treating Dennis first presented to me in March of this year, having read of the Bowen Technique`s effectiveness in treating Frozen Shoulder.

He was at first very sceptical but willing to try anything after being told by his GP, a chiropractor and a specialist that nothing could be done to relieve his symptoms.

Dennis had fallen on black ice 15 months previously, leaving him with restriction and intense pain in his shoulder and also deadness tingling down his arm. In addition, he suffered severe neck pain and restriction, diagnosed as cervical spondylitis some 20 years previously, as well as extremely painful knees which was preventing him from being able to walk his dogs.

However, Dennis`s main concern was his shoulder pain (frozen shoulder) which was severely affecting his quality of life.

Bowen Therapy Frozen Shoulder Treatment Schedule

Week 1
The first Bowen Therapy treatment consisted of the basic relaxation moves to balance and prepare the body for more targeted moves the following week.

Week 2
In the second week I used Bowen Therapy techniques to works on Dennis`s shoulders and arms in addition to the basic moves.

Week 3
By week 3, Dennis had hardly any pain in his shoulder with the added bonus that his knees were no longer painful. However, he still had neck pain which needing treating.

The next wave of Bowen Therapy treatments were concentrated on his neck to try and ease his neck pain. Within 10 days of concentrating on this area his neck pain had completely gone and he was pain free.

I carried out Bowen Therapy treatment on a bi weekly basis and then on a monthly basis.

The pain from the cervical spondylitis in Dennis`s neck has been kept under control and to date there has been no re-occurrence of the shoulder pain or knee pain. The result was that Dennis can now enjoy walking his dogs

Frozen Shoulder Client Testimonial

“Both Denise (his wife) and I would like to thank you very much for your help. I personally was told by a physiotherapist, a specialist and a chiropractor that there was nothing that could be done for my frozen shoulder.

“I had been in a great deal of pain since falling down and having a frozen shoulder 19 months ago. All I can say is I wish I had known about you and Bowen Therapy before. I could have saved myself a great deal of unnecessary agony.

“Also you have greatly improved my damaged knees because before I came to see you I had to use compression bandages so that I could walk. I can now walk for miles without having to use any aids whatsoever. Once again thank you very much from Denise, both dogs and myself.”

By Julie Dexter,