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How Bowen Therapy Works

There are many theories about the physiological mechanisms by which the Bowen Technique brings about the results for which it is famous. In addition to the rebalancing of the ANS, described earlier, Bowtech moves and procedures may reset the body to heal itself by activating, through the nervous and endocrine systems among others, the following mechanisms:

  • Stretch reflex: Most moves are done either at the origin, insertion or belly of muscles where receptors are located, informing the nervous system on the state of tension, length or stretch in the musculotendinous tissue. These receptors are stimulated during the 'challenge' and the 'rolling' part of the Bowen move which changes the stimulus received by the nervous system. This can change a pain/muscle spasm loop.
  • Joint proprioceptors: All moves done around a joint directly affect the joint capsule and ligaments that are richly innervated with proprioceptors. Here again, stimulus will be received by the nervous system, inviting normalization of the joint function without the need for forceful manipulation. Research (Carter, Bernie, 2002, 'Clients experiences of frozen shoulder and its treatment with Bowen technique', Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery, v. 8, pp. 204-210) has confirmed increases in the range of motion in restricted joints.
  • Fascia: Each Bowen move is done at the level of the superficial fascia and affects the relationship between the fascia and the nerve, muscle or tendon being mobilized. Fascia plays a major role in muscle co-ordination, postural alignment and overall structural and functional integrity. All of these are negatively affected when the fascia stiffens, contracts, torques or dehydrates. Following a Bowtech session it is not uncommon to see adhesions loosen up, scar tissue soften and posture and mobility improve without harsh mobilization or stretching.
  • Segmental viscerosomatic spinal reflexes: Several Bowtech moves engage these reflexes. They produce referred reactions to the internal organs through stimulation of the skin, muscles and nerves.
  • Harmonic vibration or resonance model: Bowenwork moves set up vibrational patterns which bring the body back into balance and harmony.
  • Lymphatics: Some Bowtech procedures activate draining of the lymphatic system stimulating the immune system.
  • Detoxification is often initiated during a Bowen session, thereby improving the body's ability to function at a cellular level.


The continuity of muscles up the back and down the legs means that this relationship is given a lot of attention in Bowenwork sessions. Manipulation of these muscles can have a profound effect on the spine and posture.

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German TV Documentary on Fascia

Video subtitles:

Today we’ll be talking about this substance here it’s called connective tissue or fast see it normally will remove it when we meet but in our body the substance has a very important function in a moment we’ll show you what these fibers have to do with back pain you also live with back pain two-thirds of the people in Germany suffer with back pain at least once a year look at the numbers every fifth woman and every seventh man lives this chronic back pain most of us assume that the pain has to do with the muscles of the back ample muscle tightening the other possibility of course is the bones of the skeleton and thus we visit the doctor who runs through several tests but science has now come across the possible candidate it is the first ship also known as muscular connective tissue this connective tissues around the muscles and is a kind of connector between the rigging bones and flexible muscles this has not been closely of that until now in this documentary we’re going to change this but let’s first look at the usual suspects everyone who has back problems can confirm that this is not easy because the spinal system is quite complex the back is a pretty perfect structure the muscles and ligaments keep it upright and movable central years the stable spot dr. Bray and discs protect the delicates final court but the system is vulnerable every second patient undergoes authentic surgery does it so because of back problems this is because even small changes in the Fraggle arrangement can have painful consequences in the search of the cause of the pain the doctors have an arsenal of tests since they can take x-rays and look into the interior of the body they focus on one main suspect as the cause of the pain the bony vertebrae one’s kind of course break and this can be very painful in osteoporosis however aging bone slowly become brittle in Fraggle statistically four out of 10 women have at least one vertebra fracture in their lifetime the vertebrae can L collapses and the spine is literally squeezed despite such extreme results many women don’t even notice these hidden vertebrae fractures also what sits between the vertebrae bodies can also be responsible for back pain brake discs to see if this is the case doctors need very complex equipment using MRI the magnetic resonance imaging doctors can see the discs they cautioned the vertebrae bodies and make the spine more flexible if they come apart or rupture and then bug out towards from the spinal canal i can press on the nerves the result is pain then doctors often resort to the scalp l2 surgery since 2007 the number of discs operations has increased by more than forty percent but even doctors are warning of unnecessary operations it’s interesting that in nine out of ten cases the pain subsides by itself within six weeks without surgery and with the help of MRI doctors have been able to find a herniated disc in one of three older people but they don’t all have symptoms so the pain caused by herniated discs is not as common as you might think if the delicates final structure gets out of balance often the muscles are also involved the wrong post sure can cause back pain to doctors often find that legs are different lengths the pelvis is then tilted slightly the back muscles tried to compensate for this spinoff column curves and the back muscles start to tense up and H almost no one has legs that I exactly the same length nowadays author pet is can detect the slightest deviation in this symmetry of the back with very special tests because even the smallest aviation can change the poster a leg that is a few millimeters longer a strange and neck or even a crock tooth can affect the muscles and relatedly the post sure and thus trigger pain another problem area in the back is the pelvis here between the sacrum and the ilium is the so-called sacroiliac joint the joint is not very mobile doc just contest its remaining motion special tests is the joints are somehow blocked the result is often pain this can happen if you miss a step trip and fall backwards some researchers believe that such a mobility is responsible for a fifth of all unexplained back pain the problem is that doctors can only find such a blockade with hands-on tests with an x-ray or MRI they cannot see the lacking mobility of the joint most of the time it remains unclear whether this sacroiliac joint is stuck and so is responsible for the pain in searching for the courses of the back pain researchers now have a new suspect inside the connective tissue or fester the connective tissue reps the muscles and is sensitive to pain this fast year can harden and become somehow method it loses its uniform and functional structure this kind of tissue can hardly be seen using x-rays CT or am I this is one reason that the fastest role in the development of back pain has remained hidden for so long so there are many possible causes for back pain let’s look at some patients statistics in only twenty percent of back pain cases clear minority is the cause of the pain unknown look at the ? eighty percent of the cases doctors say cause unspecified meaning the causes really not yet all understood well possibly the role that connective tissue the fascia plays as up to now been overlooked tissue can undergo it changes can harden it can become inflamed why has no-one get considered this possibility one reason has to do with the nature of our matching techniques three altre sound in MRI allow us to see changes in bone and muscle tissue but not in connective tissue brand new method with the help which we can see changes action here it is the law texture visible life in the body for the first time thanks to a special new ultrasound instrument this gives us entirely new insights into the body to date therapist such as Roberts life could only feel the fashion through touch or 30 years slide has practiced a body therapy known as whole thing the whole thing is a technique developed in the nineteen fifties by the bo chemist either Ralph a technique that targets the body’s connective tissue the slow manipulation of the connective tissue aims to correct bad poster and tension and according to either of it releases blocked energy what exactly is at work has long been unclear what impressed me was always the daily success in treatment in the case of back pain for example we experience every day how the patient feels so much better how you can feel the tissue softened under your hands you can see the gate becoming smoother but the concepts were office had to explain this have simply been a bit Nita possibly biological research would be able to discover why such physical manipulation helps and Roberts life degree psychologist turn to researching the field since 2003 he has collaborated with the normal physiologic I que llega at the University of all I genga is an expert in diseases of the muscular chronic pain and back pain together they are studying faster the connective tissue they built a fast she left and started conducting experiments in this custom lab setup strength of facial tissue mounted a messenger substance is introduced a substance the body produces when under stress the face she reacts it contracts it is not visible to the naked eye but it can be measured as the red curve shows tension increases when the fresh air is exposed to the messenger substance this was really a new and important discovery bay sure can contract independent of muscular activity and it does so as a reaction to stress this was new the team looked into other research it came upon the work of connective tissue researchers from the University of Heidelberg these researchers demonstrated that sure is densely populated with receptors and nerve endings thus faccia can transmit pain there were individual efforts widely spread out across many different areas of expertise in various countries completely fragmented and scattered across the globe a french surgeon contributed images of life fresher tissue well then the past many had thought to be only a nerd fill material is a life and changing now comparing fresher taken from an arm which had been in a cast for six weeks with tissue from a healthy arm shown on the left to fester on the arm in a cast shown on the right is thickly met it can be shown in patients with back pain that the lumber pressure is markedly thicken and there is a great sensation of pain in the area from that you can use that with loss of elasticity increased stiffness greater sense of rotation and aerated mechanical functionality in that area strongly promoting the back pain the team from also contacted researchers in an autonomy Sir Andrew Fleming screen on the right works in Belgium and the United States and specializes in the study of the back video conference he describes how the lumber fester plays a vital role in movement in the human gait and in contributing to back pain is insights from cassava sections contribute to a new model of the human body a model a team from home is collaborating on according to the new model that body is not a fixed framework but a dynamic system flexible and interconnected by elastic bands and springs a ship not only this theory is changing but so is practice dr. Anna cleaner also fashioned researcher is a surgeon on the nerve disorder operating team at the University of all thick and fast year on the right and on the Left can constrict nerves the surgery unit at the university hospital of home performs a new and successful operation and such painfully constricted and inflamed lives in this case on our an endoscope the surgeon see the thickened method fester which has grown to constrict the nerve a cutaway the rampant growth in the connective tissue Roberts life occasionally attend such operations he wants to see if you can externally effect cemented area and losing the tissue with his hands in the future such manipulation may perhaps prevent pain and even avoid the need for such surgeries building on these beginnings the doctors and researchers of home will continue their interdisciplinary efforts but healing back pain remains one of the most important projects the effect of particular bodywork techniques upon the deep pressure of the back and the effect of newly developed physical exercises are being studied able because body manipulation and gentle exercise could tell prevent back pain in the future and that the faster researchers are confident the back and fast year researchers are convinced that fashion plays a large role in those areas of nonspecific chronic pay as you just saw on the film they confessed sure which puts pressure on nerves and causes pain can now be surgically remove but there is an opposing viewpoint operations which have traditionally required deep incisions may have at the same time injured connective tissue injury which some scientists now believe has resulted in increased long-term pain well the field is young wasn’t until $MONTH 2007 at an international facial Congress was converted in Boston there’s a lot going on in this area of course if you open an older Anna to me txt it two shows faster and connective tissue but the topic is covered in far less detail than the muscles what do we actually understand by the term fashion today the term and casing the muscles experts in the field now include the line immense and tendance it totally is no longer understood to be lifeless fibers know the fast year actually hold us together without it we would just collapse like this toy soldier here thus the fast ship performs a very special function the field really is still young and it was entirely simple to assemble what is currently known and accept it even if our film coverage comes across in a playful way from head to foot our bodies are comprised of a myriad of parts which must work together harmoniously to maintain prime function a network of connective tissue that in cases and / meets our entire body part of that especially when we move a connective tissue the fascia consists of bright layers of fiber some extremely thin some several millimeters thick they are comprised of thick bundles of fibers call again among them thinner strands of Palestine and barriers other cells a lot of water is surrounding the fibers this moisture is a little lubricant in our body maintaining smooth functioning like the muscles they are encased in white fest sure the moist lubricant allows the muscle act like smoothly past each other as we end within each muscle every strength of muscle is encased in facial tissue the fascia RV tail part of even the most tiny of muscle movements and it stabilizes the body the connective tissue holds the body together and upright it contains of each muscle its proper place thus is supports the whole body just as an intensely moving that the connective fibers interlace to hold everything together connective tissues around each or and provides each its place like for example the heart the ligaments and tendons that connect muscle and bone are also made of connective tissue pink fibers of coal again all run in the same direction just as in a rope-like immense and tendons must be able to sustain strong pull one direction this way even strong forces do not present the problem maintaining support and strength are not the only function that facial tissue has facial tissues also work when we are not moving asia also transports waste embedded in the tissue or lymph ducks that permeate throughout the entire body and drain waste immune cells i initiate golfing seller waste or bacteria facial tissue is critical to descending our help so thanks to have sure we stay fit also cause problems frequently in trouble is our back the structure water handedness fashion can change can thicken and become method such changes can result in pain embedded in the festival fibers are delicate nerve endings like branches on a tree reaching deep into the tissue these nerve endings tension Smith the paint fashion network registers our body position poster for example how much curvature there is in our spine bands of connective tissue lie between each vertebra within these bands are tiny receptors that fire when the tissue stretches within the muscles and tendons are similar receptors that help us which is the opposition space and monitor how we move naturally a work in conjunction with our sensory organs and with the vegetable our organ in our inner ear it our movement are metal ism for our reception the network tissue plays a pivotal role in the successful coordination and function of all body structures we just saw that Asia contains large range of structures by which the connective tissue communicates with other parts of the body the interest of course is the connection between fascia and pain for example back pain some experts are not the opinion that the fair share and particularly the lumber fixture should be considered a very serious potential source of pain remember the clip about the research done all ashy react to stress inducing messenger substances that was proven by their research the body secret asst such substances when a person is depressed or if he or she suffer sleep disorders here for example a statistical study of the concurrence of back pain and depression involved were more than eight thousand participants first group of not suffering from depression well they unfortunately sometimes have back pain actually seventeen percent of them but compare that it is twice as high for the group that suffice depression so here we find a connection maybe even an explanation during this broadcast there has been much talk about the connection between pressure and back pain but we would not do this topic justice if we did not mention truly phenomenal attribute of these fibers without which man or animal have mobility antelopes and leave as high as three and as far as 10 meters but not thanks to their muscles muscles are too weak for that here we find a different mechanism and work mechanism similar shared by many other animals these monkeys are real wonders at jumping so our frocks what gives these and other animals speed and the ability to jump are the elastic tendons and Bentz late of connective tissue pasture especially impressive in this regard is the big red kangaroo it can cover a distance of up to 30 meters in one bounce other than any other animal and it can attain a speed up to 60 km/h kangaroo leaps with its powerful and legs and lands on its feet it’s a hill tendance especially long and elastic elastic tendon connects muscle and bone right over the joint this lens the animal its incredible power to leap at takeoff it is relaxed and edit shortest well then uses momentum and its own weight at lending tendon is at its maximum length like a stretched rubber band lends itself by about five percent through this elongation elastic tendons stores potential energy when it starts to leave attendant contracts rapidly the energy is released this way the kangaroo continually we uses the energy of its movements muscle and she is hardly involved here as if it had built in springs very effective principle that presumable many animals use but then there are also animals that can do unbelievable standing jumps a to use the attendance but in a different way frogs some frocks that can probably themselves more than two meters from a standing position this thanks to the elastic tendance critical difference here the leg muscle must first become active as it flexes the length of the tendon extents take off the tendon rapidly contract back to its original length is catapulted into the air similar catapult effect found in the chameleon immaturity strikes down his prey using his tongue within a tenth of a second this again is only possible thanks to the elastic structures tongue lies the hyatt bone a structure form of cartilage it is completely surrounded by elastic texture and the ring-shaped tongue muscle the animal aims for its target the muscle Titans forcing the tubular texture forward more and more until its lips ask the . the end of the college that build up pressure stored in the pasture beast explosive scientists found that the acceleration use exceeds that of fighting jets the tongue muscle alone would never have the strength to achieve this chest elasticity is the key to this peak power thrust velocity you would think that athletes for bodybuilders with to develop muscles would suffer less back pain then say a computer geek muscle power alone won’t cut it it’s important to strain the right muscles and as for training the texture so muscles function smoothly and do not lock up let’s look back in time to see what grandma and grandpa’s ‘it they often did gymnastics swinging rhythmic movements such as we see here with a ball such exercise drills where commonly practice as we know as propaganda in the nineteen forties of the fast year reaches look more closely at these exercises and found them not to be so bad in fact these movements maintain the smooth functioning of the body system of facial bands especially the fascia of the back don’t worry you don’t have to start training like Grandma and Grandpa we have other things in mind for you namely various methods of exercise you’ll find them on the Internet of course you have to take action click on a link and then really practice that’s something for us amateurs demanding muscle movements tense muscle strain and refined with professionals and sport can take its toll and muscle and fashion and then help us require and we met the man who really knows his way around or soccer player performing at the highest level as unrelenting stress on the players leg and acute danger of injury and fault after pile up top players must be cool performance quickly that’s not possible without help Klaus either is physiotherapist of choice or injured german national team players one of these prodigies is Sebastian Kehl national team player and the captain of paroseea document multiple occasions he had to stay out for months at a time areas with Rosita in his clinic and ratings book covering cap salutis of the left knee the leading to the therapist of the German national team has four tickets now created primarily connective tissue you have to talk to the tissue have to play with it allows eaters method carefully i’ll pay to investigate where the pressure is cricket and then pensively treat that it my hands glide smoothly here it gets stuck here i will book the tissue stretch it and then I feel how it gradually start easy it melts on the my hand as with Sebastian Kehl the majority of injuries not only involved muscles and connective tissue is always affected too close either describes the problem thus dressed connective tissue reacts like a sweater that’s washed too hot it loses its elasticity when the tissue plunges up to put it bluntly everything else is behind is not of tension and get nourished anymore that’s eaters intervention with targeted manipulations he separates so hard and stuck facial surfaces from each other so they again can move of jail like mass develops between the individual layers that is very important so that the various layers of connective tissue and slide past each other free at the critical separation can be maintained and everything can stay in flux if the physio finds the right spot it can hurt to Toulouse and bound up spots you have to use a certain amount of pressure as professionals we are used to this next day it’s usually much better not just with Matthias summer and Oliver Bierhoff since the nineteen eighties allows either here with the young Europeans month has been in high demand and valued or is therapeutic success by soccer players many of the star players has been on this table here seneca dara & malagueta Rosita is also the head 20 for the German Olympic participants and for the data skup tea just how critical the connective tissue is for the healing process has been known to him for decades from home i was already shaped my mother was a physio therapist and I remember clearly when in the early 1960s she began to retrain yourself to work on connective tissue naturally as a boy and ice hockey player who from time to time had to be treated by his mother I was impressed that such a technique existed and this protein is Jeremiah to has been treated by close either here he thinks he’s just posing for the camera because either shows how he treats and losses up the fast year in the case of back problems or back strains fast sure around this muscle is twisted and the headache goes from here up to the I first of all you can help a to determine if that’s correct and we do actually find a hardon structure here now I work my way along the faster until I find the twist here I feel resistance I stay here until I feel the resistance melting away under my thumb only then I do continue on as early as in nineteen seventies else either was taught by either all the founder of real thing working with many other experts deepened his knowledge about faster over the years she also have some scientific evidence you are even more confident of your treatment method and if you are merrily working in . l or close either in addition to sweat juicing exercises hands-on work connective tissue is an essential pillar in his rehabilitation program has passed on his experience too many coloreds it does therapeutic successes speak for themselves and in fact there are number of therapeutic approaches all targeting the connective tissue or one there is the method we just saw in the film roll thing that is manipulation of the gesture but there is also osteopath ii by trendy at the moment he aims faster and mobility organs and tissues or a method from India yoga main focus here is stretching or becoming light or then acupuncture needles are inserted you probably know people who say i had problems with my back and one of these methods help me well that’s all fine and good interesting are the explanations some methods talk about poor energy flow at one of these methods often works to leave back pain might have to do with the fest one method faster researchers are taking a close look at his Chinese acupuncture needles are inserted through the skin into the connective tissue Chinese tradition prescribes the therapists weekend and rotate the needles that acupuncture works for example back pain headaches has been scientifically demonstrated but no one has yet been able to explain how it works now the faster researchers are trying to solve the puzzle in neurologist in Long van at the University of a month has been studying the reaction of faster to mechanical stimulation she investigates how the acupuncture needles affect the connective tissue under the skin one of her studies she examined the position of the acupuncture points on the body of a human arm she marked those locations where according to traditional chinese teaching needles would be placed then she examined the connective tissue at those locations result the acupuncture points almost always responded with important special points areas thickly populated with receptors and nerve endings the correspondence was eighty percent since then further studies confirming these results as in done in order of the current study long them places the acupuncture needles by machine only this way can the treatments be compared using ultrasound she service what happens in the tissue connective tissue reacts acutely to the needle left needle rotate a certain number of times dependent upon the number of terms made we see it direct effects on the fibroblasts the cells of the connective tissue a tissue wraps itself around the needle black spaghetti around a fork and every movement is directly resisted in the tissue the neurologists resist how strongly the movement of the needle registers in the tissue and how it might be just the more distant locations that may clarify what happens in the body as a result of acupuncture yoga 2 has caught the eye of the faster researchers this Indian practice also thousands of years all helps with back pain that has been shown how it precisely works has not yet been explained researchers puzzle over the meditative and relaxing effects over muscle training or an improved circulation as possible coasts a large clothes study was to clarify this 90 patients with chronic lower back pain practice yoga for three months another 90 / patients with lower back pain that conventional gymnastics combined with stretching 45 patients were given a book with self-help tips for relaxing breathing exercises and a healthier lifestyle the result after 3 month at about twenty-five percent less pain but other groups however adding about fifty-five percent reduction in pay that means there was no difference between the yoga and the GLS the group this shows that with yoga is not the meditation relaxation or the muscle training that helps with the back pain it’s stretching that is confirmed by tissue analyzes the cells of the connective tissue the Bible blasts react to stretching here are the individual cells green spots signify special protein inside the nucleus of the cell and we know that there is more this protein tissue is stretched and massage perhaps the oldest of the world’s healing practices seems to affect the fixture especially roll thing which is directly targeting the connective tissue doctors have long known that massage does good it helps with back pain as of late we know much more precisely at the connective tissue secret is soothing messenger substances and send signals to the autonomic nervous system in longer investigates this in your laboratory to she experiments on the connective tissue layer under the skill superficial fast ship tissue which does not directly cases the muscles just how well massage can work on such tissue neurologists and to the therapists were able to demonstrate an animal study 10 rests with scarred connective tissue on their bellies where massage for a few minutes day by researchers over the course of seven days ten other rights although scar tissue on their bellies received no massage then the animals facial tissue or exam result the tissue of the massage bretz at heald better and was less scarred and met a few scars at even being eliminated healing through physical manipulation and alternative healing methods are being newly substantiated by the first shield researches because now long familiar healing results like be explained to changes curing and the connective tissue this entire broadcast he has closely focused on the back and back pain and you can see the method is quite complicated it through science and that is beauty knowledge increases apps are new understanding of facial tissue will be like another mosaic piece in the big picture and will lead to one or the other of you freeing yourself from back pain in any case one thing is certain exercising muscles and connective tissue will do no harm.